Tantalum niobium market overall showed a trend of better progressly
In recent years, tantalum niobium industry has developed rapidly in our country, the total amount, with nearly 60% of the share in high-end products on the international, has the extremely important status in the global tantalum niobium industry. In 2012, in the face of serious global economic situation, the industry take the market as the guidance, insist on technological innovation, to achieve sales revenue of nearly 6 billion yuan. "Earnings overall situation is good, but there are also many problems" tantalum niobium industry is technology intensive enterprises, capital, talent, market pocket, enterprise scattered, also face competition concerns. Especially for the construction of ecological plant, also has the very big disparity with the national requirements. "As a tantalum niobium branch, vice President of China nonferrous metals industry association, he knew that his responsibility. He told the reporters, tantalum niobium industry annual meeting has just proposed to carding industry chain, insist on technological innovation, equipment innovation and management innovation, intensify the building of ecological plant, protect the environment, promote the industry of the orderly development of new goals.

"Tantalum niobium industry mostly foreign clients and break the foreign monopoly, to strengthen product development and market development, to lead the new markets to develop new products, so as to control the commanding heights and initiative. And focus on capacitor downstream end products such as technological breakthroughs, is the direction of construction of tantalum industry power." Electronic component market is the domestic tantalum niobium industry market focus, only cultivating, create, develop and expand the market, to break the monopoly of foreign industry to healthy and sustainable development. And the structure adjustment of the industry, requires innovation drive, and intensify personnel training.